"Definitely was worthy of purchase. Made a big difference in my car's idle. Will be purchasing more of this for other vehicles that I own."

- Nick W.

"Fuel gauge in my SUV stopped working. Followed the directions and dumped it into a fresh tank of gas when I filled up. After about a week the fuel gauge started working again. Seems to do what it claims. Thanks!!"

- zamzam1  

"I was quite pessimistic that this product would work, however after using it in a tankful of gas in my motorcycle, I must admit the engine runs smoother. I will now buy additional bottles for all my vehicles. Good stuff!"

- Steve  

Meet Lauren Fix, the Car Coach® , a proud member of the Techron team

Carbon deposits in your car’s fuel system can be a real drag on fuel economy. But just a bottle of Techron can help you use less fuel. Check out what Lauren has to say.

Engine Flythrough

Watch how Techron works deep inside your engine's fuel system.

Less is More

Techron scrubs vital engine parts and removes harmful combustion chamber deposits. This keeps air flowing properly through your engine, minimizing emissions that cause air pollution.

Techron Tip #2: Headstart

Slow start slowing you down? See how Techron can help.