A Winning Line-Up

Looking for the best fuel additive? Each Techron® product delivers a powerful clean for real fuel economy, uncompromising engine performance, and a smooth ride you can actually feel.


Not sure which product to use? Learn more below to find out how to use
Techron Fuel System Cleaners and which one is right for your engine.

For all gas-powered engines
Pour a whole bottle into your tank every 3,000 miles for a deep cleaning throughout your fuel system that will keep your engine humming.
For smaller gas-powered engines
Complete cleaning power in a handy size for dosing smaller engines, like those in motorcycles, ATVs, boats or lawnmowers.
For gas-powered cars, trucks and SUVs
Cleans stubborn carbon deposits out of fuel injectors to improve fuel flow, restore engine power and maximizes fuel economy.
For diesel-powered cars, trucks and sprinter vans
Clear clogged fuel injectors and restore them to “like new” condition in just one treatment to put more power and pep in your diesel engine.
For gas-powered boats and marine equipment
Peace of Mind in a Bottle - One Product for a Complete Marine Solution
For Powersports & Small Engine Fuel System
One Formula for Top Performance in the Most Severe Operating Environments.
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