NEW! Techron® Protection Plus
Marine Fuel System Treatment
Peace of Mind in a Bottle - One Product for a Complete Marine Solution

Techron® Marine Fuel System Treatment sets a new standard for gasoline additive protection for marine applications, delivering outstanding performance PLUS the cleaning power of Techron.  While Techron Marine stabilizes fuel up to an impressive 24 months — it is not just a storage product. This breakthrough additive formulation delivers performance benefits with every use, providing complete fuel system protection — and it won’t contribute to phase separation. Test data has shown that Techron Marine provides ‘best-in-class’ corrosion protection in both fresh and saltwater environments, making it an ideal choice for inland boaters, inshore and offshore anglers, cruising sail boaters and others who pursue their passion on the water.

What It Cleans
  • Cleans carbon deposits, dissolves gum and varnish buildup, and helps prevent new deposit formation
  • Cleans fuel injectors, throttle bodies, carburetors and combustion chambers to restore power and performance and optimizing fuel efficiency 
  • Cleans intake valve deposits in port fuel injected engines, for smoother idling and enhanced throttle response. 
  • Keeps the fuel system and engine clean from the first application as the boat is fueled up, re-treated and operated throughout the boating season.
  • This exclusive cleaning power helps minimize cold start problems while you enjoy optimized engine performance throughout the boating season 
Treatment Cycle
  • Add Techron Marine with every fill-up.
  • 4 oz. bottle treats up to 40 gallons of fuel. 
  • 10 oz. bottle treats up to 100 gallons of fuel for larger boats and/or higher horsepower engines
  • 128 oz. bottle treats up to 1,280 gallons of fuel suited for the active boating enthusiast
Recommended For
  • All Gasoline engines including two-stroke, four-stroke, carbureted, port- or electronic-fuel-injected and direct-injected engines. Not for Aviation.
  • Engines burning E0 or ethanol-blended fuel such as E10, E15 and E85.
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