NEW! Techron® Protection Plus
Powersports & Small Engine Fuel System Treatment
One Formula for Top Performance in the Most Severe Operating Environments.

Techron® Protection Plus PowerSports & Small Engine Treatment protects and cleans whether you need everyday reliability, working power or you are racing wide open throttle.

Formulated specifically for powersports and small engine fuel systems, Techron Powersports and Small Engine delivers ‘best-in-class’ corrosion protection to ensure superior performance in the most severe operating environments. Techron's proprietary, alcohol-free and emulsifier-free formula does not contribute to water uptake and stabilizes fuel up to two years. It also cleans intake valve deposits in port-fuel-injected engines for smoother idling and enhanced throttle response. For maximum effectiveness, Techron Powersprots & Small Engine begins to clean the fuel system and engine with the first application, and then keeps it clean as the engine is re-fueled, re-treated and operated.

What It Cleans

•   Cleans carbon deposits, dissolves gum and
    varnish buildup, and helps prevent new deposit

•   Cleans fuel injectors, throttle bodies, carburetors
    and combustion  chambers to restore power
    and performance and optimizing fuel efficiency 

•   Cleans intake valve deposits in port fuel injected
    engines, for smoother idling and enhanced
    throttle response. 

•   Keeps the fuel system and engine clean
    from the first application as the engine is
    re-fueled, re-treated and operated.

•   This exclusive cleaning power helps
    minimize cold start problems while you enjoy
    optimized engine performance.

Treatment Cycle

•   Add Techron Powersports & Small Engine with
    every fill-up.

•   4 oz. bottle treats up to 16 gallons of fuel. 

•   10 oz. bottle treats up to 40 gallons of fuel for
    multiple applications.

•   128 oz. bottle treats up to 512 gallons of fuel
    suited for commercial applications.

Recommended For

•   All Gasoline engines including two-stroke, four-stroke, carbureted, port- or
    electronic-fuel-injected and  direct-injected engines. Not for Aviation.

•   Engines burning E0 or ethanol-blended fuel such as E10, E15 and E85.

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